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84" SB Hopper Broom

SKU: 84188886

SKU: 84188886

Weight: 1032.813 lbs

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  • Bi-directional motor for forward or reverse sweeping
  • High-capacity single drive motor for 10-25 gpm systems
  • Direct drive brush motor eliminates chains and sprockets
  • No caster wheel allows closer proximity to objects and better contact with sweeping surface
  • Peripheral rubber skirt keeps debris and dust contained
  • Combination poly and wire brush
  • Replaceable bolt-on bucket edge
  • No chains needed for dumping
  • Optional gutter brush mounts on left or right side. Order one or both!


  • Street cleaning & parking lot maintenance, road maintenance clean-up, bridge deck clean-up, job-site clean-up
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84" SB Hopper Broom

84" SB Hopper Broom: Captures dust and debris. Design allows close proximity to objects and excellent contact with sweeping surface. Add an optional dust control kit with broom mount 25-gallon tank with hose and nozzles. An optional gutter brush mounts on left or right side. Order 2 for mounting on both sides of broom.