Feeder Chain


Achieving maximum yield and profitability at harvest depends on getting everything right - the right plan, weather and equipment all working together. While you can't control every part of farming, you work hard to keep your business running at optimal performance with a well-maintained combine you can depend on. When it's time to replace your feeder chain assembly, you need quality and durability you can rely on.

Case IH Feeder Chain

Engineered for EFFICIENCY.

Pre-assembled Quality: Case IH feeder chains come pre-assembled with consistent Case IH specified factory-grade torque throughout the assembly reducing installation time. While a competitor feeder chain, tested by an independent lab, reported mismatched hardware with up to +/-70% variability in assembled torque.

Case IH Mud Hog Rear Axle

Engineered for DURABILITY.

Rolled Serrations: Case IH slats are designed with serrations that are rolled into the slats. That's because laser cutting creates stress points in the slats. In fact, testing showed that a competitor feeder chain's laser cut slats tested at a tensile strength that is 24% less than Case IH specs. Their weaker slats result in bending, uneven movement and side stress as loads are pushed to one side or the other.

Case IH Rolled Serrations

Ours: Rolled for better durability.

Competitor's Laser Cut Serrations

Theirs: Laser cut creates stress points.

Engineered for CONSISTENCY.

E-coated Slats: Case IH slats use an e-coat painting process that utilizes electrical currents to ensure a consistent application and prevent variation in hardware torque. Competitor feeder chain assemblies have poorly painted slats, which lead to clumped paint and inconsistent hardware torque - ultimately negatively affecting feeder chain life.

Case IH E-coated Slats

Ours: E-coated slats for smooth surface.

Competitor's unevenly painted slats

Theirs: Uneven painted slats impact torque.

Engineered for RELIABILITY.

Secure Chain Pin: When it comes to proper tension in feeder chains, chain pins are key to holding everything together. Without proper tension, a stretched chain will jump off the gear - causing resultant damage to the combine. Test results show that competitor feeder chain pins push off with half as much effort as Case IH pins, causing their chains to stretch or break.

Case IH Secured Chain Pin

Ours: Secured chain pin.

Competitor's insecure chain pin

Theirs: Chain pin becomes loose.

Engineered for VALUE.

Dependability You Can Rely On: With Case IH, you'll replace your feeder chains less frequently, for a faster, more efficient harvest - all while reducing failure and preventing costly downtime. Choose genuine Case IH feeder chains for higher, more efficient yields and ultimately higher profits.